Integration Zoom - Marketo failing on multiple launchpoints that have been working since the use

Our Zoom launchpoint integrations on Marketo are no longer working. We’ve tried all your support suggestion and also been on a call with a Zoom Customer Service just now. So far the issue has not been resolved although the tickets were closed.

What do we experience:
Marketo - Zoom launchpoint service on name of Darragh Burke is showing his events on all the other launchpoint services for Zoom. Before, each account had its own webinar set-ups listed in their respective Zoom launchpoint service (Phoebe, Sandra, Prashant, Darragh). Right now we cannot see any of the Phoebe’s webinars or Prashant’s webinars listed to make the connection on the specific event set-up in Marketo. We’ve tried setting up a new connection, we’ve went through your documentation again (provided by Support), nothing really fixed the problem. Current webinars are also showing error messages on registration as the launchpoint services that used to work seem to all be broken. The reason why we started using Zoom is because it had an out of the box integration with Marketo. Thanks for helping out and find us a solution or a least someone who has knowledge of the integration with Marketo.

I’ve inserted the view of what I/Phoebe/Prashant see when trying to connect on Phoebe Stremus launchpoint service for Zoom (only the webinars on name of Darragh Burke can be seen).
Another screenshot inserted shows the different laucnhpoints set-ups we currently have an were working before.
All launchpoint services are showing the events of What is the reason for this and how do we fix this.

@Zoom, can anyone from the Dev team have a look at above issue or how does this forum work if nobody replies?