Meeting Started and Meeting Ended webhooks not firing in production

Hi there,

We added two new webhook events to our marketplace app: Start Meeting and End Meeting. We previously had “All Recordings Completed” and “Recording Transcripts completed” events.

The meetings start/end events are triggering for our development webhook endpoint, but we are not getting them delivered to our production webhook endpoint.

In the marketplace portal I don’t see any webhook logs to be able to troubleshoot on my own.

Any assistance you can provide would be helpful.

Hi, @pb_zoom,
Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you share if you removed your development webhook endpoint when testing the production webhook endpoint?

Hi Donte,

We would have switched the URL in our Zoom dashboard from a development webhook URL to a staging URL at some point to verify the hooks were firing in our staging environment. It wouldn’t have been removed entirely.


Hi @donte.zoom,

Hoping I can get an update on this as there is production impact. Let me know if I can provide additional details via help ticket to assist with troubleshooting.



Thank you for following up! I’ve seen cases where developers are not receiving any events at their designated production endpoint before, in those cases the underlying issue was the endpoint did not. To investigate further, can you submit a support ticket and include the following information :

  • Marketplace App to be used to subscribe to Webhooks
  • Email address associated with your Marketplace app
  • The endpoint you’re specifying to receive Zoom payloads at
  • Meeting ID for which you’ve recently tested

You can submit a ticket to support here: Sign In - Zoom

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Hi @donte.zoom, I submitted a ticket as instructed but it looks like it was auto-solved: (#17167386).

Is this something that can be actioned on your end?