Steps for a new app that is NOT to be listed on Marketplace

Our app uses OAuth to allow users to connect to their Zoom accounts so the meetings can be generated via API.

We do not wish to publish our app on Zoom marketplace,

Read through the forum, my understanding is that the process is nevertheless same, however before I go down that line, can someone confirm if this is true or if there are some steps we are allowed to skip if we do not wish to list the app on marketplace?


Hey @kahuja,

You can totally make an OAuth app just for your Zoom account and users. Just set intent to publish to no.


Thanks, Tommy! What I meant was if it is necessary to publish an app to Marketplace?

The users on my site will not be limited to my organizational ones but anyone from the general public wanting to use the site. In the case my marketing strategy is to reach out to niche users directly, I would not want to publish the app on Marketplace. That’s doesn’t seem like an option.

I do understand there is an option to not-publish the app but my point is one has to go through the entire process for app publishing nonetheless.

All that said, I do see utility in the process, though there are some redundant parts in the process.

I have submitted my app; fingers are crossed. :slight_smile: :

Same issue here. I think they mean you can never publish your app, but the only one that can use it is you.

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Yep - it’s restricted your account and its sub-users only.

Thanks for submitting your app @kahuja! :slight_smile:

Checkout my answer here:


Hey @viddd,

Correct! If you don’t publish your app, only the users on your own Zoom account can use it.