No Intend to publish Apps and Zoom App Marketplace Terms & Conditions

I have several Zoom apps that are used to integrate Zoom into a website.

All apps are of type: OAuth, Intend to publish: No, Account Level.

Users of the website can creating meetings into Zoom and invite attendees via the website and get attendance data from Zoom back to the website.

All apps are private and can only be used from within the website.

I have received an email stating that my apps are currently operating outside the Zoom App Marketplace Terms & Conditions and needs to be published.

This does not fit the purpose of my Apps since they are used only within the website.

If I choose not to publish my Apps will users be able to implement the OAuth flow and connect their zoom account within the website?

Please advice!

Hey @k.koliopoulos, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Moving forward, only users in the same Zoom account will be able to use “private” / “intent to publish: no” apps.

If you want all Zoom users (in and outside of your Zoom account) to be able to connect their Zoom account to your website via the OAuth flow, you must publish your app to the App Marketplace.

Here is how to change your publication state:

Let me know if you have any additional questions!