Intermittent empty response from Zoom API

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We have been seeing intermittent empty responses from Zoom APis. This happens only from UK/EU data centers. We do not have this problem in other data centers.


EMPTY Response

How To Reproduce

This happens intermittently but frequently

@kannantl hi, hope you will be fine.

The empty responses happen when you have an invalid or something missing to configure to the relative path in endpoints.

Please verify that.

If you still, have any issues share them here.

Thanks @freelancer.nak for the response.

This empty response happens intermittently. We have same code running in different data centers without any problem. We have problem only with the UK/EU data centers. - this is a GET API with the access token, So i am not sure what could be invalid parameter(s) in this case.


Hi @kannantl
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I will send you a private message so I can follow up with more details about this.



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This problem is not limited to the UK; we always face it in Pakistan.
Please fix this problem

Hi @ali405
This thread is closed, could you please open up a new one with more details about the issue that you are experiencing?