Internet feeding

I have a query, not an error.

The question is: from where is the zoom internet source. I mean, if im the host, it will consume my internet?
Is it a recommendation for the host to have a high internet speed connection for, for example, 100 online users.


Hey @avglive.developer,

Zoom’s infrastructure handles all the heavy lifting, each participant / host is not required to have high internet speed for a meeting to work smoothly.

Let me know if that makes sense! :slight_smile:


Thanks! yes.
It was just to be sure, we will be doing 100 people meet from a react app.

But high enough CPU specifications are a requirement when using web SDK.
Any participant (host and non host) accessing to your meeting with web SDK will need a minimum CPU spec or they will have performances degradation.

This is an important part that should be mentioned.

@avglive.developer Glad we could help clarify!

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for your feedback, we will add this to the docs.


Hi, maybe someone could say me where is the Zoom cloud located?

Do you know how much traffic zoom consumes on your computer? How much is on the phone? if you can reduce the quality of communication? It’s just that unlimited Internet is not so common in the UK. Especially when it’s not high speed. If I didn’t have a lot of money, I would only use my phone. In General, what is the optimal Internet speed for connecting to multiple video calls? so that I initially chose a suitable subscription/Internet package ( And in all other respects, zoom is good, the connection is more stable than that of teams and skype combined.

Hey @seanbailey18qdu,

For questions unrelated to the Zoom API Platform, I suggest reaching out to They will be able to better assist! :slight_smile:


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