Introducing myself as DE at Zoom


Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Michael Purnell, I am the Developer Evangelist at Zoom. I am here to help you out with any developer related questions concerning Zoom’s API and SDK integrations. 

Happy to help out!





I am looking for sample PHP code to get me started.

I am a programmer and just looking for some starter code to review things like scheduling and overall meeting managment from pre-meeting through to post- meeting. Also some calendar management.

I am a long time ZOOM pro subscriber and I look forward to any direction you may offer me.


Thank You




Hi Jim, 

Thanks for the question and for being a long time Zoom pro subscriber. Right now, we don’t have any sample PHP code available, this is something we can look to developing in future releases. However, you can create and manage your meetings with PHP using our v2 REST API’s