Seeking assistance to integrate Zoom meetings into my laptop-related website - Need help with Zoom API integration!

I’m currently working on enhancing my laptop-related website, diebestentest, to provide an integrated Zoom meetings feature. The aim is to enable seamless remote connections between recruiters and job seekers

I have taken the necessary steps of creating a Zoom account and obtaining the API credentials. However, I’ve encountered some difficulties in making the Zoom API work smoothly with my PHP code. My specific objective is to utilize the Zoom API to programmatically create and manage meetings.

At this juncture, I kindly request the assistance of this knowledgeable community to troubleshoot my code and provide valuable suggestions regarding best practices for integrating Zoom meetings into my website. Here are a few points that I would greatly appreciate insights on:

  1. Are there any common pitfalls or challenges associated with integrating the Zoom API with PHP code that I should be aware of?
  2. Can anyone guide me through the necessary steps or provide sample code to successfully create and manage Zoom meetings using the API in a PHP environment?
  3. Are there any recommended practices or additional features I should consider incorporating to enhance the Zoom meeting integration on my website?

I am truly grateful for any expertise, tips, or advice you can offer to help me overcome this hurdle and create a seamless Zoom meeting experience on my laptop-related website. Thank you for your time and support!

Warm regards,