Help Understanding how to schedule meeting in my website using web SDK!

Hi All!
i’m very new here, i just integrate zoom using sample app web SDK and it works really good but now i want to schedule my zoom meetings from my own website because its my client’s requirement they wont go any where else to schedule meetings.
please help me regarding this issue

Hi, I think you’d have to explain more to get a useful answer, such as your development language and the environment you’re running. If you’re able to run a sample app, maybe you can you start with that and morph it into something usable?

Thanks pkreemer for your help!

The client website in which i want to integrate zoom meetings is in PHP, two days ago i just download a sample app from github which is in javascript and i run it on localhost and runs perfectly fine the video,audio of both sides are running smoothly. But now i have to schedule meetings with in the client website now i am confused from where should i start first, is there any sample app for schedule meetings which i can download and run on my localhost first??


Sorry, I don’t know of a simple suggestion for you, but others may have better ideas. I don’t find too much for PHP use of Zoom, but there are certainly people using it and I’d encourage you to search for specific details and questions.
Probably first you’ll want to lay out the app design, maybe saying it’s coded in PHP, using JWT authentication to the Zoom REST API, to throw out a suggestion. (Assuming your client wants the integration done in PHP, instead of adding another technology such as node.js.)
So familiarity with those technologies will be key. Here’s a related post from this forum, and here’s what seems a good tutorial on calling REST APIs in PHP, using JWT authentication.

Hey pkreemer!
Thank u so much for your help i will check out these links.!

Hey @junaidali9559,

You can schedule meetings with the Create Meeting endpoint.

Then provide the meetingID to the Web SDK to join / start the meeting.


Hey tommy
thanks for your reply
i want to access token and when i want to access token using ngrok created URL it give me this error
Invalid client_id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID (4,702)
I created Aouth app in the market place
please help me its urgent

hey tommy!
i have another question can we use zoom as video chatting our company use case is this that

  1. we want to schedule meeting from our website?
  2. we want a video chat between multiple person like a person just come onto our site and just click on a link and he/she will join meeting without any meeting id and password like we want something like text chating two person chat on video whenever they want, just click on the url we provide on our site and video chat enabled?
  3. one person can host multiple meetings?
  4. for our organization which kind of app should i register on zoom marketplace JWT/AOUTH?
  5. Last Question can i make a custom url to join meeting which i embed in our site and people come onto our site and just click that link to join meeting. And this link remains there for a period of time like 1 month or 2 month or a 1 year is it possible??
    And please tell me about your Pricing about Pro plan i want three hosts what should be the pricing.

Hey @junaidali9559,

Make sure you are following the OAuth flow:

Use the Create Meeting endpoint.

Use the Web SDK.

One user (host) can only host one meeting at a time.

From your use case it sounds like JWT since your users will be using Zoom on your website and not their own Zoom account.

Yes, you can handle this with the Web SDK.

Here is our pricing per host.