Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [webinar:write:admin, webinar:write]

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When performing a GET request to the endpoint the following error occurs.

“{"code":4700,"message":"Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [webinar:write:admin, webinar:write]."}”

When going to the app marketplace to check the scope the account has webinar:write:admin. The UI does not show an option for webinar:write. But considering this is a GET request it should not have an issue according to the documentation for getWebinarLiveStreamDetails.

I have re-authenticated the account and this still is occurring.

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*1. (`)
*2. OAuth
*3. “{"code":4700,"message":"Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [webinar:write:admin, webinar:write]."}”

Hi @rjohnson ,

For this endpoint you need Scopes: webinar:read:admin webinar:read. Are you an admin with the correct permissions? You can refer to this support article for help:


Good morning.

So the issue is that we have the scopes set for webinar:read:admin and webinar:read as well as webinar:write:admin and webinar:write but the API is return an errorwebinar:write:admin webinar:write scopes. It is almost as if the API is not checking the right permissions.

@gianni.zoom Just checking in to get a status on this question.

Hi @rjohnson , can you please submit a support ticket with this information and they will rectify the scoping issue on the back end :slight_smile: