Invalid access token error in calling_plans API

I got Invalid access token error when I try to access calling_plans API.
I have the right scope: phone:read:admin, and I have phone_free_trial license.

{“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}

API Endpoint/s?

Other APIs works well for me.

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Hey @netanel.hugi,

Welcome to the Zoom Dev Forum! Happy to help out here. Have you read through our OAuth flow documentation and are you getting a bearer token to make your API calls?

Let us know!

Yes, I got a bearer token, but I don’t have access to calling_plans API.
I have the right scope to use this API.

Hey @netanel.hugi,

I took a look at the accounts you have using the email you provided here, however I did not see any OAuth apps. Are you perhaps using a different email address to create that app?

Let us know!

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