"Invalid access token" for particular Master Account API

I am trying to use the Master Accounts API. But It always returns invalid access token. Normal requests to the master account work properly.

/meetings endpoint works
/accounts/{accountId}/mettings doesnt work
/accounts also doesnt work

I was thinking maybe that the master accounts API is not activated but the Zoom support said that if we have sub accounts (which we have), the API should be activated automatically. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: We are using an JWT App

kind regards

Hi @timlenzmeier ,

Can you confirm that your account is a master account? Please double check the documentation to confirm you have this designated status.


Hello Gianni,
The support couldn’t confirm that we have a Master Account. But we have Subaccounts, so I would think so.

kind regards

Ahh I see. You can submit a support ticket @timlenzmeier with your account id and request/response bodies directed to me. Please include this forum post!

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