"Invalid client_id or client_secret" for some accounts, not others

We have an Oauth app in beta that has been working well for the last week or so for a handful of accounts.

But now we’re getting this error:

reason: “Invalid client_id or client_secret”
error : “invalid_client”

We get this both through the API, and the user sees this error on zoom.us when they do the click-through authorization.

But we’re only getting this error for users in one account, and it only started on Friday afternoon, and this account was working for nearly a week before.

It continues to work well for everyone else, including others Zoom users at the same company who aren’t under the main company account.

Two things that might be important

  • We’re in the health care space, and I think this account signed a BAA recently
  • Our app is using the Publishable URL feature for our beta, but we haven’t gone live in the marketplace yet

Is there some setting we need to change somewhere?

Or is this the result of either getting a BAA in place, or a recent security/policy change?

Hey @dvr,

I am guessing this issue is due to the Beta Testing limitations.

Please publish your app on the Zoom App Marketplace as soon as you are ready.