Getting "reason": "Invalid client_id or client_secret", with the proper credentials

suddenly my creds not working, last week was everything ok, no changes were made
i got everything for the correct call
and i got Invalid client_id or client_secret
what is the problem?

Hello, @weshare,

Welcome and thank you for posting. That seems strange, have you recently made any updates to your app? I recommended testing the app locally. You can find the App test feature on the Local Test page of your app. Here is a screenshot of what that page looks like for reference:

Let me know if this helps or if you have further clarification.


actually it is local testing, local creds, local url and local redirect url

there were no changes in app on marketplace, so i did update secret, in keys, and its still not working

what else it can be?

need your help, i have no ideas what i can try, maybe i reached some limit or something?

Thanks for the reply, @weshare! To start, can you share a screenshot or video of the behavior you are seeing? This will help to diagnose what may be happening. Also, be sure that you are logged into the account associated with your App as well.


here you can see actual behavior [Redacted]

as you can see all credentials are fine, and this flow worked earlier as well fine

Thank you for sharing that video, I’ve redacted the link to it as it included PII. As a next step, can you open a ticket directly with our developers by emailing From there, we can take a closer look and troubleshoot the behavior you are seeing.


i new about that, so i need to describe the same on email? attache link on this issue?
do i need attache video ones again there?

Yes, please include the link to this thread along with the video you recorded with a description of the behavior you are seeing. Additionally, please include your account details as this will help to speed up the triage process.

Account Details:

Zoom Account ID

Account Admin Email Address

Developer Email Address

Zoom Account Plan (Basic, Pro, etc…)

App Name

App Type

App ID


Thank for your help and guides. Have a good day)

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It is my pleasure, @weshare! Thank you for the opportunity to provide support.


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