Invalid client_id: pmRZwBpmSYOb8St_pkf8Xg (4,700) on integration app

Trying to integrate Zoom into our Events Manager plugin for WordPress:

Following their directions, we created an OAuth called “TOW Event Manager Integration” (as best we could; Event Manager’s link to Zoom’s “official instructions” actually goes to a “Page Not Found”).

But when we plug things in and hit “Connect” we get the error message: "Invalid client_id: pmRZwBpmSYOb8St_pkf8Xg (4,700)”

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

Hi @templeofwitchcraft
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom developer forum and welcome to our community!
Can you please share screenshots of this issue so I can understand this better

I tried to and it says I can’t embed media items in a post. :neutral_face:

So here (hopefully) is a link to a ZIP file of screenshots:

Hi @templeofwitchcraft
Sorry for the late reply here.
I have not seen this issue before, I would suggest you to set up a new Oauth app and follow the directions here:

Those are the directions we originally followed but we’ll give it another try, I guess.

Thanks, let me know if that helps.
We did not develop that integration so I can not tell you what the issue could be.

This time we got " There was an error connecting to Zoom: No State Provided" when adding the OAuth app. Any corrections we can make there?

HI @templeofwitchcraft
As I mentioned earlier as we did not develop the integration it’s hard for me to tell how to troubleshoot
But I found some relevant information in their support forums

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