Invalid ID meeting when reacuring meetings

We have a problem with recurring meetings, from Intermittently when someone tries to join a meeting, they get an error message: Invalid meeting ID and we need to create new one.
Only for Recurring meetings and for a lot of our users
We create the meeting via zoom for google. via google calendar.
This is the chat with zoom support:
5:08 PM
I see that you need assistance for the error Invalid Meeting ID. Let me help you.

Can you tell me the Meeting ID for the Recurring Meeting that you are using?

5:09 PM

It happens in all kinds of meetings, not in a specific meeting

5:11 PM

Normally this error will only occurred if participants are using a deleted Meeting ID or an expired Meeting ID.

Can you share to me the invite link that your participants are using to join or the Meeting ID they are using that says invalid?

5:12 PM

I know but we didn’t delete the meeting

5:13 PM

I understand, however I need to verify what is the Meeting ID your users are using for us to check if its a Valid Meeting ID.

5:15 PM

5:21 PM

Thank you for patiently waiting. I see that this Meeting was created thru API, I highly suggest for you to seek help from our developers. Our Developer Support Team has moved to the Zoom Developer Forum. To ensure your inquiry is addressed, please navigate to our Developer Forum for assistance.

Hi @keren.g
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am having issues finding the meeting that you have shared with our support team.
Could you please share with me the request body that you are sending when generating those meetings?

Are you asking how I actually schedule these meetings?

Right @keren.g
I would like to see the POST request you are making when creating the meeting, as well with the response body please

I try to attach pic file but received an error
create new meeting (google calendar), click on “add video conferencing” and choose zoom meeting

added another link with the problem:

Thank you

Hi @keren.g
So you are not using our APIs to create those meetings right? you are doing this manually in your google calendar??’

If that’s the case please feel free to reach out to our Zoom community here:

If you are using a Server to SErver app or an Oauth app and you are creating these meetings via API, please confirm this and feel free to share the request url, request body and response body so I can take a look into it


Hi Elisa,
Thank you for your replay,
I already talk to support via Chat, (you can see it in my first massage here) and they told me that I need to contact you.

I understand @keren.g that’s the reason why I am asking you for more details on the way you are creating the meeting, if it was via API I would need the request URL and request body so I can take a look into it

As I mention before
create new meeting (google calendar), click on “add video conferencing” and choose zoom meeting
This is the way I am creating the meetings