Invalid Meeting ID Error for Created Zoom Meeting

I recently created a Zoom meeting via the API. The creation itself was successful, but when I try to access the meeting using the meeting URL, I get an error message stating “Invalid Meeting ID”. I am trying to access the meeting through the Zoom desktop app.

The error message I’m receiving is “無効なミーティングID”.

How To Reproduce
Here are the steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request URL / Headers / Body: (Please include the relevant details of your API call, but without credentials or sensitive info like emails, uuid, etc.)
  2. Authentication method or app type: I’m using the API to create the meeting and trying to access the meeting via the Zoom desktop app.
  3. Any errors: “無効なミーティングID”

Meeting ID is 92501497412.

I have searched the forum with relevant keywords and followed the guidance outlined in those posts, but I am still facing the issue.

I would appreciate any help or guidance on this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @shota
thanks for reaching out to us!
Could you please confirm if you created the meeting via API or was this done manually?
Also has this meeting being started?

Hi, @elisa.zoom

Thank you for your response.

I created the meeting using the Zoom API, not manually.

I tried to start the meeting, but that’s when I encountered the error message stating “無効なミーティングID” and could not start the meeting.

Interesting @shota
Could you please share the meeting ID with me ?

The meeting ID is 92501497412.

Hi @elisa.zoom
I was wondering if there’s any update on my ‘Invalid Meeting ID’ issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @shota
Sorry for the late reply here
I am not able to identify this meeting
could you please try creating a new meeting and testing this behavior with a new meeting ID, because I can not find the meeting 無効なミーティングID” and could not start the meeting 92501497412.

Thank you for your investigation, @elisa.zoom

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