"Invalid meeting ID. (3,001)" after "pre-schedule" is set to True and "Type" is set to 2

Using API to create meeting, appears to work providing expected result. However, meeting does not show up in account / list meetings and host / join URLs come back with Invalid meeting ID. Even though the meeting link is created.

Invite Link:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75087439212?pwd=morTjo34mCfRoIyRfXRDkoY074nQSG.1

No error message on API call. When I open the “Join Link” it gives Invalid Meeting ID. (3,001)

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Server-to-Server Auth

Which Endpoint/s?
/users/me/meetings (also tried /users/{userid}/meetings)

How To Reproduce?

   "agenda": "Meeting testings",
   "default_password": True,
   "duration": 5,
   "password": "",
   "pre_schedule": True,
   # "schedule_for": "jchill@example.com",
   "start_time": "2023-08-21T17:01:00",
   "template_id": "Dv4YdINdTk+Z5RToadh5ug==",
   "timezone": "Asia/Tashkent",
   "topic": "Meeting Test using Python",
   "type": 2