Invalid parameter in custom_questions with Add Webinar Registrants

First I was getting error code 300 when trying to add a registrant, saying “The parameter is required in custom_questions: How did you hear about this webinar?”

So I tried to add the custom_questions field, but now it says “Invalid parameter in custom_questions”

I checked this specific webinar setting, which was this: but I can’t find any setting for this.

Then checked: Admin > Account Management > Webinar Settings > Registration Settings > Custom Questions
This was blank, which was weird. So I tried to create a new Custom question to match the required field “How did you hear about this webinar?” But it is still not working.

I’m new to Zoom API, and I didn’t create this webinar, so there might be things that I’m missing. Are there other settings for this that I could look into that might be causing this issue?

This is the endpoint{webinarId}/registrants as also shown in the screenshots above.

Hey @webinars1, thanks for reaching out with the detailed question and using Zoom!

Can you see if there are any questions or custom questions by clicking on the webinar here, then scroll down and click the Edit button on the Approval Options section:

Then click questions / custom questions and see if there are any questions set:

If there are any custom questions set, try copying the question text into your title value, leaving the value value blank. Then try calling the API.

Let me know if this works!