Invalid redirect: ... (4,700)

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I created a new oAuth app and trying to allow user to login from my platform. But on doing the zomm login, I get an error Invalid redirect. I have added the url in whitelist and also it is same redirect url as it is mentioned in the app. Please let me know where am i going wrong?

Invalid redirect: … (4,700)

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Invalid redirect: (4,700)

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Go to
login as (username/password)
On dashboard, click on the image connet zoom account
login using the zoom credential .
Error : Invalid redirect: (4,700)

@sagarwal3005 ,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help here. To start, please share the code snippet or screenshot of the request handling OAuth. This will help us identify what may be happening. You should also know we have a Postman Public workspace with done for you getting started API workflows. OAuth is on the requests you can reference and even generate a code sample in your preferred language. Here is a link to our Zoom Public Workspace.

Postman Public Workspace :
Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum and sorry for the missed response.

Zoom API Authorization & Authentication Postman Public Workspace :

Let me know if this helps.

Thankyou for your response.
I have only created a button for connect with Zoom with login url
Error - Zoom<Client_ID>&

I have the redirect url same in the oauth app I created but when I am redirected to zoom page and after I login, I get error invalid redirect URL.


Hi, I would also like to add I am a beginner. I created an oAuth App with User Level Account Type. Now when after I login using the url Sign In - Zoom I get the error " Application not found

It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it right now."

Details below : -

  1. I created a button in the user profile page : Connect my zoom account. This button is linked to the url :
    Error - Zoom
    When I click on this link, I am redirected to login page, and I enter my zoom credential.

issue : 1) When I login as user from which I created the above client id (xxx), I get redirected to the website with code. But when I login as another user, I get an error Application not found. How can I let any user login and authorize the app. I have created a user level application.

Please assist

Hi, @sagarwal3005,

Thank you for the details. Are you still facing issues with the OAuth redirect URL? Please let me know as I am happy to create a video or blog demonstrating the steps to get started.