'Invalid redirect URL "result":null' - for our OAuth app

Hello Zoom team,

We are facing an issue that is hindering our app submission. We have been working for several weeks on getting functionality approval, and we faced this issue in the very last step which should be our final submission (all other matters have been addressed and listed as green). We truly appreciate your support on this as our whole project is now delayed for this matter. Please see below:

In the last feedback from a zoom reviewer of the app submission, we were asked to fix the re-direct URL as it was not displaying correctly - so we changed the redirect URL for our OAuth App (i.e. the page on which the user should land after approving our app) and now we are getting the below message when we test it. It’s no longer allowing us to see the page of User <> App integration. Just the below message:

{“status”:false,“errorCode”:4700,“errorMessage”:“Invalid redirect: https://mydomain.com/mypage","result”:null}

Just to clarify that the previous URL that was initially added for redirection has the same domain (our domain) which was working fine. Now, even the previous URL is not working upon testing. Please also note that both the new and previous URL have been tested for ‘WHITELIST URL’ on the App Dashboard at Zoom, and we tried to logout of Zoom account and login again. And yet still getting the same issue no matter what we try - same message (‘invalid redirect URL’).

Any suggestion here, would you be able to please look at our app on the backend and help fix this matter?
Many thanks


Hi @AppKl
I have replied to you in the internal ticket you have open with me.

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