Invalid redirect 4,700

I am trying to convert my app from jwt to OAuth. I am really confused with the settings. The jwt only has a few fields.

I tried to create a Server-to-Server OAuth connection. I tried entering a the same url for the redirect as well as the allowed list. I am getting a 4,700 invalid redirect error.

  1. Why is there a redirect in the first place? This is supposed to be a post call to get an authentication token. We don’t have a redirect.
  2. With our without a redirect, how do I get this to work? I added a valid url.

Hi @jared.millman ,

You dont need a redirect URL for server to server OAuth.

To generate a token using s2s app, make a post request to the Zoom OAuth Endpoint.

Here is how to make the request to the OAuth endpoint:

curl --location --request POST ‘’
–header ‘Authorization: Basic (Base64 encode clientID:clientsecret)’ \

I wasn’t using server to server