Invalid Redirect URL (4,700) on valid redirect url

Hi tommy, how to create access token?
i have created the oauth authorization url and its gets redirected to that url, but am not getting access token there.

and am getting this error message when run the zoom api

Invalid access token.

Hi Tommy,

We are also facing an issue - Invalid redirect:|oauth|authorize|b4d50aa8eb (4,700)

Our App name - Adapp Meetings (we dont want to publish this to marketplace)

Appreciate a quick revert on this.


Hi @trainings,

Your installation URL appears to be behind a login page, so I can’t test it. Can you confirm that you’re also setting the appropriate URL in your whitelist URL settings as well?

We can also test this if you’d like to send an email to with test credentials to hit your install URL.


@tommy I face this issue also for

Hey @aya.ashraf,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please create a new forum post for this topic including the response that you get when calling the endpoint so that we can keep the information focused to one post. We’ll be sure to assist you ASAP.