Invalid Redirect URL 4,700

Please I need help, for several days I have been trying to access and I always get this. I have tried several times buildings apps in their various modes and nothing always comes out the same.

Thansk for your patient

Hi @hipogea,

Can you make sure that you have the url you’re using for your Redirect URL listed in the Whitelist URL section as well? Additionally, make sure you’ve reinstalled your app locally after making any changes to the redirect or whitelist urls.


Suppose that
client_id = [my_client_id] and
redirect_url = [my_url]

I put this link in the login form:[my_client_id]&redirect_uri=[my_url]
Make sure that this route ([my_url]) is in the white list, and it is also well written in the redirect option of my app, but …

By clicking at this :

However when I login to zoom in the same browser manually, it does work for me.

Hi @hipogea,

Thanks for sharing these details.

When I tested your app just now, I didn’t have any issues installing using the installation URL:

This is the URL you should be using to initiate the authorization/install flow.


Thanks for reply Will. Effectively, no problem when I’m logged in Zoom. But when I press login link in my client :[my_client_id]&redirect_uri=[my_url]

When I’m not logged in Zoom , appears this error.


Hi @hipogea,

Thanks for confirming. To clarify, end users will need to be logged in to Zoom in order to Authorize an OAuth App. However, this should redirect to the Zoom login page first, if they’re not logged in. Can you ensure you’re using the exact same installation URL? When I test in incognito mode, I’m asked to login and can then authorize your app.


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