Invalid signature generated by Meeting SDK for a JWT app type generated meeting

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meetings SDK for Web version 2.10.1

Trying to replace JWT based auth on our system before the deprecation deadline, so in the process of replacing JWT auth on the server side with Server to Server Auth and a new Meeting SDK on the client.

An Invalid signature is being generated to join meetings with the new meetings SDK credentials for meetings that were created with the JWT SDK that is being phased out.

Implementation was done following examples on how to generate meeting SDKs and integrating with VueJS apps.

A 3712 error is returned

{ “method”: “join”, “status”: false, “result”: “Invalid signature.”, “errorMessage”: “Signature is invalid.”, “errorCode”: 3712 }

Troubleshooting Routes

  • it is noticed that the meetings can still be joined if the old JWT credentials are used to generate the signature but not when moved to the new meetings SDK.

How To Reproduce

  • Create meetings server side with JWT based auth credentials.
  • attempt to join meeting with new Meetings SDK credentials. both attached to the same org account.

could you share your signature here?

For meeting SDK, you will need to create a SDK App Type, and sign the JWT token using Client Id and Client Secret