Unable To Create Proper Digital Signature For Meetings Sdk

We are using Meetings SDK v2.9.7. Every time we try to connect to a meeting using the generated signature, we receive an error stating ‘Signature is Invalid’.

The generated signature and other details for a scheduled meeting are as follows:

Signature: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhcHBLZXkiOiJoUTZQNzBwaFRYbXMyZ0RIdFlqN3pBIiwic2RrS2V5IjoiaFE2UDcwcGhUWG1zMmdESHRZajd6QSIsIm1uIjo5MTQ1NDIzOTA1Miwicm9sZSI6MSwiaWF0IjoxNzAzNTcxODg1LCJleHAiOjE3MDM2NDI5MTUsInRva2VuRXhwIjoxNzAzNjQyOTE1fQ.xT4wYR9UdEHbCjK9Os_Qv9njjsm28Fa96QOD3lRMUHo

Decoded Signature header:
“alg”: “HS256”,
“typ”: “JWT”

Decoded Signature Payload:
“appKey”: “hQ6P70phTXms2gDHtYj7zA”,
“sdkKey”: “hQ6P70phTXms2gDHtYj7zA”,
“mn”: 91454239052,
“role”: 1,
“iat”: 1703571885,
“exp”: 1703642915,
“tokenExp”: 1703642915

Please let me know if anything else is required from our end


I’ll PM you for another new JWT token

I’m raising a ticket for this @aastik

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

Can you please guide me where I can view the status or reply to any queries for the ticket that you have raised?

Thank You
Best Regards

@aastik this is the correct channel to get updates. We are working on the ticket now.

Do you have an update? I seem to be having the same issue. I’m using the Client ID and Client Secret from my Server-To-Server application to generate the JWT Token, but I’m always getting errorCode: 3712, reason:“Signature is invalid.”.

I’m using the Meetings SDK Web v2.18.2 via CDN.

@aastik we have rolled out a fix for your account, could you check if this is working for you?

@ingo.pastl please create a new thread and tag me. Each of this issue might have a different underlying issue

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