"Invalid Token!" error message when trying to refresh oauth token

This is what was happening to me. Thank you! :smiley:

Glad they could help! :slight_smile:

I saw this comment on another thread “Zoom does not currently support simultaneous access_tokens across different devices at the same time. We are exploring options to improve this experience.”

We have an issue with one of our customers. They are experiencing sporadic refresh errors. Most of the time it works and sometimes it does not. I’m trying to track down the cause.

Is that limitation specific to a given App or to the entire user’s account?

If it is for the entire User’s account, I would think, if a user is using App A on Device 1 and App B on Device 2, they going to have an issue. Is that the limitation.

Or is the problem only when a user is using App A on both Device 1 and Device 2? That would be a much stricter limitation as it would limit the user to exactly one app.


Hi @kkoellner,

These types of errors could happen for a few different reasons. Can you see my post here and let me know if any of these might be the case?


In my experience it seems to be on the user’s entire account and not just for an app. I’ve experienced this myself where logging into App A on Device 1 and then later logging into App B on Device 2 caused App A to prompt for a refresh after 24 hours.