Inviting a Meeting Participant to use a Development app

When inviting a Meeting Participant to use an app that’s in Development, the invite is sent and the invitee has the prompt to “Add” the app. However, after clicking “Add” that Participant is presented with the “We’re still figuring things out on our end. Come back in a few minutes.” error message. Is this due to the fact that the app is in Development?

@ross-crowdsmart is this user under the same zoom account that the app was developed with? Can you share a code snippet of how you’re inviting that user?

@MaxM The invited user is under the same general account for our organization, but does not have access to manage the app. I am using the built-in invite dialog, accessed from the toolbar in the Zoom Apps sidebar.

Hi, @ross-crowdsmart,

Would you be able to share a screen recording or screenshot of the behavior you are seeing? Also, is the user in question on the latest version of the client? If not, I’d suggest advising the user to update, then try to add the App again.