Invitation link does not work in other accounts while zoom app is in development mode

App is still in development mode, so not approved publicly.

I am developing a Zoom app. Which for me works pretty well. I can add my app, open it, but when I send app invitations to other users in our company account, when they click Open, they got an error “The application detail not found”.

This is both ways - if I send invitations to participants with sendAppInvitation() and also using showAppInvitationDialog() where the invitation is added to the chat.

If I use showAppInvitationDialog() to add the invitation to the chat, then from the marketplace (from the browser) I remove my app, and then click on that link I go through the OAuth process without any issue for my account.

I am the developer. The application has got “Share within your account: Actve” on `the submit tab.

Are there any other permissions or settings I need to enable in order other account to be able to successfully click on the invitation and install the app while still in development mode?

Hi @tsvetozar.drambozov
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Are you able to share this app with users under your account? If the users that are trying to test the app are not part of your Zoom account, this is an expected behavior since your app is not published.

Hi, sorry I didn’t update. Actually I’ve found the issue was probably related to the development app being installed both under Development and Production tabs in installed apps. While I was initially testing with colleagues I copied the generated OAuth urls on last Submit step, which are using production clientId.

Then I told everyone to remove their app from both tabs and we started working only with the development client credentials for the app and the issue is gone.

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