Invoke start url from python


is it possible to invoke the start_url from python ?
use case:- I am able to create a meeting using the rest api
the response of create meeting request gives me start_url and join_url
I would like to start the meeting , share the join_url with other participants so that people can join the meeting

Please let know if this is possible. if this question was already asked, pointing to any URL / thread would be helpful


Hi ,

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At this time although we do not have a ready to use example for python, you can always build a custom implementation for the same.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello Ojus,
I tried calling the start_url from python
I am getting a html response
the response is available in the link below
response content
please let know if what I am doing is correct

I also saw one more user who tried the same.
One of your colleagues responded that there was a problem with the start_url and a fix is ready to be deployed sometime in Jun 2018

simillar thread



Can you please provide us with the request format ?