Ionic Cordova - Mobile Meeting SDK Problem with Android SDK 30

** Description **

We have an app developed in Ionic and cordova, with the Mobile Meeting SDK. It worked correctly on Android, compiling with the version of SDK 29 as the manual said. But when updating to the Android SDK 30, it has stopped working for us. The update to the Android SDK 30 is mandatory for all new apps that want to be published in the Google Play Store

The app shows us the following message: “Zoom SDK has not been initialized successfully”. But it does not show any error when compiling the application, nor any other error when trying to start the plugin.

** Which Mobile Meeting SDK version? **

Below I specify the libraries used in the project:

“@ ionic-native / core”: “^ 5.25.0”,
“@ ionic / angular”: “5.0.0”,
“@ ionic-native / zoom”: “^ 5.36.0”,
“cordova-android”: “^ 10.1.1”,
“cordova.plugin.zoom”: “^ 4.6.2166-6.603”,

** Smartphone (please complete the following information): **

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • OS: Android 10

We have verified that there have been no new versions in said SDK, so we do not know if a new version is being worked on that solves this problem.

We need a response as soon as possible, since the application was ready to be published and put into production last week, but due to this it blocks the publication of the app.

We have searched both this forum, as in many others, but we have not found information to solve this problem.

We wait your answer.

Thank you.

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