iOS SDK Auth/Login problem

I’m trying to integrate Zoom SDK in my app, and I want to do these steps:

1- Initialize SDK
2a- If user != logged, go to login screen
2b- else, go to home screen

If I put TRUE in “rememberMe” login parameter, then when I run my app and I did login previously, onMobileRTCAuthReturn and onMobileRTCLoginReturn are called consecutively, but if any user is logged in, onMobileRTCLoginReturn never called.

My problem is how to know if are there any user logged or not, it’s possible to know if login flow is called in background or something like that?

I try to use Auth Service “isLoggedIn” but this isn’t the trick…

Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the post. It is expected behavior that the onMobileRTCAuthReturn and onMobileRTCLoginReturn will be triggered even when the rememberMe is set to Yes. If you would like to know whether a user has logged or not, you could wait for the onMobileRTCLoginReturn to be called and then proceed to the next action.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Yes, but the problem is that I have to wait for onMobileRTCLoginReturn unknowingly if it will be called or not… I think that it isn’t a good solution…


Thanks for the reply. You could set up the delegate while initializing the SDK, so that you will definitely get the login callback.