IOS SDK - Why is Webinar Password required?

With regard to the IOS SDK - Why can’t we join a Webinar, that doesn’t have a password enabled? (No registration is enabled). Works fine on Android and web SDKs

Latest version of the SDK.
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Try to join a webinar , without a password set
    Happens on all IOS devices

Hi @mb_j,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I have just tested the scenario you are mentioning without the iOS SDK demo app and I am able to join a webinar that does not have a password and does not require registration.

Please note that webinar password and registration are 2 separate options while scheduling a webinar. Please have a try with our demo app.


Thanks Carson, but I do not understand your answer. I fully understand the options on a meeting.
My problem is, in the IOS SDK , not without it.

I need to know, why, when using the IOS SDK, I CANNOT join a webinar that doesn’t have a password.

I already know I can do this in the Android SDK and Web SDK. But not in IOS. This is a relatively big issue for us and our customers, so I was wondering if we are missing something or if this is a bug in the the IOS SDK.

Further, with the IOS sample app, we cannot join a meeting or a webinar, that doesn’t have a password. Please check.

@Carson_Chen, cancel that, our dev found a way to remove the requirement, thanks for the help!

Hi @mb_j,

Thanks for the reply and glad to hear that you have found the solution. Happy Zooming!