iOS Webinar; 21st March


To the community members who joined us in our first iOS webinar, THANK YOU! To the ones who missed it, fear-not, I’m here with a quick recap.


We introduced our iOS SDK; a complete package to seamlessly integrate the Zoom platform in your iOS app/project. The key component of development with the Zoom’s MobileRTC stacks is your AppKey and AppSecret found under the credentials tab on the SDK page ( Think of this as a token for authentication used to verify the account. The SDK allows you to embed all functionalities you would expect in the Zoom client and you can toggle and tweak the settings to suit your workflow.


We introduced a sample iOS app built around one of our popular use cases; Job hunt & recruitment. The app leverages the Zoom iOS SDK to provide a platform for simplifying job hunting and recruitment process for applicants and hiring managers alike. Right after authentication the user can search for jobs, we’re using Zoom’s vacancies, each user can use their backend to suit them. The user can browse through the job postings, check out description and requirements and the key part of the application: jump directly into a meeting with the hiring manager for the posting. The app also uses Twilio’s SMS service as well as Zoom bots to send notifications to the hiring manager. Once the meeting is kicked off, the user can share their app screen with the hiring manager; this would be useful to share documents, projects, etc. in the live meeting. Applicants also have the option of the traditional “Apply” button, but that’s not what we were focusing on.

This iOS app as well as our apps for our different SDKs can be found on our Github repo. Feel free to take the code for a spin on your own. If you do put your thinking caps on and create cool stuff using our SDKs, give us a shoutout and we’ll give you the spotlight you deserve!

Stay tuned for our next webinar on building purposeful applications using Zoom Android SDK. Once again, a bow of appreciation for all your valued feedback and support. If you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts related to the webinar or Zoom Developer Platform/Tools, please post them in the forum


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