iOS webinar Recap

Hello Developer Community members!

Once again, thank you for joining us in our recent iOS webinar!

Following is a quick recap of what we covered. The webinar was all about our iOS SDK -  a complete package to seamlessly integrate the Zoom platform in your iOS app/project. We covered bases on the iOS SDK, authentication; the importance of the AppKey and AppSecret found under the credentials tab on the SDK page (, dug into some live coding and presented a demo of an application built around a popular use case for our iOS SDK.


We created an iOS app, built upon Zoom’s iOS SDK, that empowers screen sharing within the application on iOS. The first step is user authentication, we explored user authentication using Zoom and covered the code around it. Right after authentication the user jumps into the application, our sample app consisted of a single accessible document for simplicity of the demo, however, you can add files and documents as need to your application; the goal of this application was demonstrating app-share functionality. One click of a button takes the user into a live Zoom meeting, this can be with a customer, an agent, client, etc. whatever suits your use case. The joining party can view the application screen of the host; this is a unique feature of Zoom iOS SDK and would be useful to share documents, projects, and sample work in the live meeting. Screen sharing can be paused on clicking a button which would display a preset splash screen to the joining users’ end.

All of these functionalities and discussions were followed by their corresponding code as well as code for UI customization and enabling/disabling in-meeting controls. The iOS app demoed in the webinar, as well as our apps for our different SDKs, can be found on our Github repo. Feel free to take a dive into our code stack and get your hands dirty with some code. If you’re experiencing difficulties or technical issues, or simply have technical queries out of curiosity, please reach out to us in this forum. Also, if you’ve created something cool with the Zoom SDKs, give us a shout out on the forum and we’ll give you the spotlight you deserve!

Stay tuned for our next webinar on using our Android SDK. Once again, a bow of appreciation for all your valuable feedback and support. Thank you for being a part of our developer community.

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 Zoom Developer Evangelist Team