IP Address version in Sign-in report API: /v2/report/activities

I am calling the /v2/report/activities API endpoint for retrieving a report for all sign-in/sign-out of users under my organization’s account.

This endpoint is documented here:

The response payload contains an IP address field, for example:
“activity_logs”: [
“client_type”: “Browser”,
“email”: “jchill@example.com”,
“ip_address”: “”,
“time”: “2019-09-15T19:13:41Z”,
“type”: “Sign out”,
“version”: “”
“from”: “2019-09-01T00:00:00Z”,
“next_page_token”: “b43YBRLJFg3V4vsSpxvGdKIGtNbxn9h9If2”,
“page_size”: 30,
“to”: “2019-09-20T00:00:00Z”

Recently, we started getting different formats for the IP address: sometimes we get an IPv4 address, and sometimes we get an IPv6 address, for the same users and devices.

The API documentation does not refer to the IP format, and I cannot figure out why the format is not consistent, I am interested in getting only IPv4 addresses.

Anybody knows how could this be done ?


if the user is connected with ipv6 you get the ipv6 address - if he is connected with ipv4 you get the ipv4 address

the ip-address and the connection type (ipv4/ipv6) depends on how the user is connected to the internet (wifi/lan, office/home, …)

Thanks for the quick response

As far as I know, all the network devices and systems I use and monitor still use IPv4,
and as far as I am familiar with, I don’t know a process of which a user on my account connects to zoom using only an IPv6 address, I am pretty sure an IPv4 address should still be available in the 3rd layer packet headers.

Allot of system offer both format addresses in the event payload. If zoom do now, I expect them to pass the control to the end user to request which format he prefers so that if an IPv4 version is available it would be returned.


if the user of a zoom meeting connects via ipv6 - how should zoom determine the ip4 address?