Iphone video only on request

I have deployed a clean version of your 1.7.6 sample app SDK. Works great. We can create meetings and join on the web. Except on the iPhone. The user is not getting the chance to start their video by default, but when the meeting host requests them it seems to work all great. Is there a way to force the video and audio to try to start on the iPhone without requiring the host to request it.

In my desktop browser I get the link to ‘Start Video’, but not in my iPhone safari. When the host requests start video, I get a pop up, but I can see no way in the API to trigger this proactively.

I am not seeing an error, just partial functionality on the web client on safari on the iPhone.

Which version?
1.7.6 - updated to latest this am and saw many improvements but still no video out of the gate.,

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Sample app, deployed on Azure using node.js … I can share link if it helps.

iPhone client experience

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
iPhone safari

Additional context

Hey @dnnespoli,

Starting video by default is not supported when using the Web SDK due to privacy.


Hello @dnnespoli
May I ask how you can force the audio from host because I just saw only force the video ?

Hi @telemed,

Are you looking to force audio? The host, cannot force this, the user will have to choose which audio option, whether it be Computer Audio or Phone.