Is it possible for a chatbot to run alongside video meetings?

I’m interested in the chatbot APIs, but it talks about the “zoom chat client”.

I would like the chatbot to live in the sidebar chat while a video call is going on, is that possible?
Or is ‘meetings’ a different zoom app than ‘chats’ ?

on the main zoom app the “meetings” and “chat” seem to launch different apps in a new window.

also the Marketplace talks about apps compatible with different features

So is it possible to build a chat bot to run alongside video meetings?

I haven’t actually seen chatbots run alongside meetings, maybe this is why?


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Hey @dcsan,

Checkout my post here:


Hey Tommy,

Is there any plan to bring Chat APIs to the In Meeting Chat in the foreseable future? It seems strange to have an API for a part of the product that I would guess 99% of users don’t use vs part of the product that is used daily by many users.


Hey @vandalayindustries,

Thanks for the feedback, and definitely hear where you’re coming from. While we don’t have any solid timelines to bring this to the in-meeting functionality, I’d definitely encourage you to consider posting in #feature-requests, as I think you raise a great point.


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