Is it possible to assign a co-host with SDK or API?

I was wondering if the following work flow can be customized and if so can you please point me to the documentation? It seems like a basic function:

  1. Get list of users in the meeting
  2. If X user is in the meeting, assign as co-host

Thank you.

Hi cg1313,
Thanks for the post. Which platform are you looking at?


Hi Carson. Thank you for your reply. Windows would be good but it can be written in any language as long as it can be executed via exe, php, python, etc. Preferably Windows.

Thanks for the reply. Our Zoom SDK supports the following 3 programming languages on Windows:

If you are interested in assigning a participant as the co-host, take the C++ version as an example, you can use the following interfaces:

virtual SDKError AssignCoHost(unsigned int userid) = 0;

The IMeetingParticipantController class( has all interfaces that you would need to CRUD a participant with his/her user role.

For other info regarding our Windows SDK, you can refer to our SDK doc:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

I have the same question, while I am exploring the API page here:

Once meeting created and if X user is in the meeting, is there an API I can call to make that user be co-host?

Thank you!

Hi oyosocial,

Thanks for the reply. It is possible to assign co-host using SDK interfaces, such as the virtual SDKError AssignCoHost(unsigned int userid) = 0; interface that I have mentioned above in Windows SDK. If you are looking for the solution to do this using Zoom Rest API, you might need to consult the experts at

Hope this helps. Thanks!

oh, I didn’t realize posted my question in the wrong forum. Sorry for that. Thank you for the info, Carson.

My pleasure. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: