Is it possible to close the windows client programmatically from the browser

We just installed and test the latest version of the Zoom Web Sdk 1.8.1 but we still have significant bad audio quality. The audio is worse on slower PCS. This is not happening in the Zoom Client App. We enabled the SIMD support without any noticeable improvement.

Sound is distorted and lost while you have two people talking with video on. The CPU reaches 100%, 100% Memory and also 100% disk.

Until your development team solves this issue, we would like to use the zoommtg:// app launched from the browser, however we need to know if there is a way to close this window via javascript from the browser. Our goal is to start the session and to end the session from out web application.

Do you know if its possible to close the zoom app window from our web application when the zoom app window is opened from our web application.

Thanks in advanced.

Hey @tom3,

Sorry to hear you are having audio troubles with the Web SDK. We are currently working on improving the audio issues.

As for closing the Zoom Windows Client programmatically, we do not have a Client URL Scheme that does this. Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests


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