Hello Zoom Web SDK Tech Support Team .... I have issue with Audio part

Currently I am using Web SDK Version 1.9.7 and i have issue on receiving sound from host.

Host is using Windows SDK and sending sound through our equipment with mixer attached to it. When Android SDK users, Web SDK user join the meeting room that Windows SDK host created, WebSDK users receiving audio keep on breaking apart. Background noise and keep on breaking . But weird things is that when other participants talk through mic , it does not. Only Windows SDK Host’s voice that produced through mixer ( that connected to computer ) breaks on some websdk participant.

I was thinking if it was due to mixer, so i reproduce same procedure with Zoom application. But , it totally works fine.
So, what i am thinking is , is there any to make audio quality better on web sdk?

I tried to set Background Noise , Echo Cancel , fidelity and etc on Windows SDK but the quality of web sdk sound that produced by windows sdk is poor.

Please help me…

Thank you for reading…

Can anyone answer my question ??? please…

Hey @ssijcfe,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I just have a couple of questions:

  1. What is the version of the Web SDK you’re using?
  2. What is the device the user is on?
  3. What browser is the user using?
  4. Have you enabled Webcodecs and SIMD Origin Trials?
  5. Have you enabled Web Isolation?


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