Users reporting audio problems with web client and Web SDK

We have a number of reports from our users using zoom via the Web SDK (and previously the zoom hosted web client) where the audio from speakers makes their voices sound very deep for some time. For some people this goes away quickly, but for others it never does.

Is there anything under our control (as users of the Web SDK) which can mitigate this effect?

Hey @flippyhead,

Happy to look into the QOS logs for you. Please private message me the affected meeting IDs.


Hey @tommy,
This issue is happening with me also, there are lots of complaints coming for audio issue.

  1. For some audio is very low,
  2. for some audio is breaking.
  3. For some people also reporting that audio button also getting switched off automatically
    though i was able to reproduce first 2 only and not the 3rd one.
    Can you guys please look into it.

Everything works fine on zoom app, but web sdk have multiple issues.

Hi @flippyhead @taushifali,

This is an ongoing issue that we’re trying to resolve with our backend system and browser. Can you email the meeting IDs & marketplace developer email to and we’ll be sure to investigate, find out the root cause and make the appropriate updates.


Hi, I am using the web SDK for fitness lessons and the audio quality is not good, sometime is low sometime is high, like @taushifali says the audio also breaks. The quality is not good.

Hey @herogp,

If you are having audio issues with the Web SDK, can you please use the Zoom Mobile / Desktop App instead? You can have your users click on buttons that are the join_url and start_url to open the meeting in the app.


I am developing a website to handle my meetings. I dont want to use the waiting room feature because I dont want to waste time granting access to 100 people. Also inside the app the can see the meeting id and the password and share with other people and I dont want that.

Hey @herogp,

You can disable the waiting room, and hide the meeting id and password with CSS / JS.

You can also hide the invite function:


FWIW I did this and received a reply approximately a week later stating that my ticket hasn’t been reviewed yet and probably won’t for some time. We’ve given up on using the WebSDK because of so many complaints anyways. Still, if ever you find the time to review my submission we’d love to know why we keep having problems.