Is it possible to create an account-level zoom app that runs inside a Zoom meeting?

I want to create an app that:

  • runs inside of a Zoom meeting like a user-level Zoom app
  • has a frontend in the sidebar like any app I find in the app marketplace
  • can be added to as an account-level app by an account admin

But the documentation seems unclear about whether this is possible and which documentation would apply to that type of app.

I created an OAuth app because the Choose Your App Type >> Zoom Apps >> Create popup does not have an option for an account-level app.

However, the /zoomapp:inmeeting scope cannot be added to it and I also can’t seem to install it with the auth flows in either the simple or advanced sample app projects on github.

Is what I am trying to do possible, and what documentation would explain the auth and install flow for these types of app?

The answer from Zoom support seems to be that it is not possible to create an account-level app with an in-meeting UI

Hey @jonathan.knowles , you’re not able to create an account-level app; however, you can have apps installed/approved at an account level by an admin -

Would the app have a frontend in side the Zoom meeting Apps sidebar like I specified in my question?