Is it possible to fetch only those meetings with approval_type=!2 (where registration is not required)

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Is it possible to get a list of only those webinars for which approval_type is not “2” i.e. fetch webinars for which approval type is 0 - Automatically approve or 1 - Manually approve.

We do not want webinars with approval type “2”( No registration required)

Alternatively, is it possible to include the value of approval_type in the returned list of webinars? Currently, that data is not included in the webinars, please see this screenshot:

If approval_type is present in the returned list then we would be able to manually filter out the webinars.

It’s not an error, but a question.

Hi @z3-host ,

At this time, these are the valid query-string parameters you can pass for the list webinars endpoint:

This is a great suggestion, and I will get share this feedback for our API development team!

Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Thank you for your reply. It would be very helpful if they could add approval_type to the list webinar API.

Another question: Please can you share the URL of the page where I can see the official zoom API docs. Currently, I’m referring to this website but it doesn’t look like the official zoom docs.

Thank you Gianni! that was very helpul

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Hi @z3-host

Apologies for the delay while I was out, but here are our official docs: