List Webinars API not return some webinar information


I was using List Webinars API to get webinar detail reports and create preview page.
However, occurred any these problem…

  • I noticed List Webinars API not return some webinar information.
    -> some webinar hosted at 2019/12/02
  • Get a Webinars API was return “404 - code:3001(expired)” by use above webinar id.
  • By use List Webinars API (Dashboards) that specify type parameter to past, i had can get above webinar id and information

So, I want to confirm that.

  • Will Webinar ID expire 3 months after the hosted?
    -> manual or support information regarding above specification is exist ?(sorry, I couldn’t found this)
  • If Webinar Id is expired, the only way of get webinar information is using dashboards api?

Thanks so much, and sorry for poor english :pensive:

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
List Webinars

Get a Webinar

List Webinars(Dashboards)

Hey @ujimamkt, your english is good :slight_smile:

This may clear things up:

To GET Future/Scheduled Webinars:

To GET Live/Current/Present Webinars:

Use query param ?type=live

To GET Past/Ended Webinars:

Use query param ?type=past

Does that help?



Thanks for reply.

I understand how to use these API’s roll and using situation.
And that I think I want to the below APIs.

  • The api that getting a list of all webinar IDs by a particular user(not relate webinar’s type status).
  • Or, Want to setting more widly for List Webinars(Dashboards) API to/from parameter.
    -> For example, about 1 year (1 month is I felt like a bit of shortly).

Hope to getting more convenient and useful that Zoom API :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards.

Hey @ujimamkt,

As of now the List Webinar Dashboard endpoint can only go back 6 months, in one month increments.



Thaks for reply.

Thanks to detail API information.
Hmm :thinking:, I see. I’ll try to reconsider a part of structure of application by your information.

Best regards.

Happy to help!

Let me know if you have additional questions.