Is it possible to join/leave computer audio?

In the docs I see that we can mute and unmute, but is there a way to disconnect or connect the computer audio?

Hi @daniel2 ,

Currently, we only have setAudioState to mute/unmute audio the primary audio. Can you explain the use case of your scenario? Would you like to change the audio settings?

We have meetings in-person, but also a Zoom meeting. Before and after the actual meeting, the in-person meeting host connection user has computer audio disabled. This means people in the Zoom meeting can chat with each other, without it being audible for the people attending the in-person meeting. But during the meeting, the Zoom participants are able to hear audio from the in-person meeting, and they can also talk to the in-person attendees via the conference room speakers.

I am thinking of building a Zoom App which can automate a lot of the tasks we do before, during and after a meeting, to make it easier for the meeting hosts, and to reduce risk of forgetting something.

So for example, there would be a button in an in-meeting app, which performs a number of tasks at once:

Before the meeting:

  • Turn off camera
  • Leave computer audio (not working)
  • Start custom live streaming service (not working, unless via the HTTP API)

Just before the meeting begins:

  • Turn on camera
  • Join computer audio
  • Unmute host
  • Mute all other participants
  • Disable participants being able to unmute (not sure if there is an API for this)
  • Switch to Speaker view (not sure if this works)

When the in-person meeting ends:

  • Leave computer audio
  • Turn off camera
  • Enable participants being able to unmute
  • Switch to Gallery view