Is it possible to lock the gallery view to a fixed grid, regardless of how many users are connected?

I need to capture the video for each user in the meeting to a discrete feed, but when people enter or leave, the size and position of their windows changes in Gallery View. I would like to fix each stream to a pixel space in the window. Possible?

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Hey @ibkickinit,

This is currently not possible.


This would be a fantastic feature for those who want to broadcast meetings or such, where you want to place people into a template with names or other information (via OBS for example).

Is this still not possible?

Is there any way to make a fixed grid of people, showing the same webcams to everyone, in the same order?

Hi @fgsmrgameshow & @castroenio, we understand the use case, but our core Meetings product is primarily focused on ensuring Gallery-view / Active-speaker resizing requirements across devices. Our Meetings and Webinar product teams are considering these types of use cases, but we don’t have any announced road map here.

We zoom with a group of older friends stuck at home. Unfortunately their connections are not super stable. When zoom gets interrupted and resumes, it comes up in active speaker mode. Thus our friends are suddenly confused because Gallery View has gone away. We think you should have a way for a client to stick in Gallery View. Without that this situation is too confusing for really older adults.

Hey @jim2,

Please submit this as a feature request to our product team: