Is it possible to put ChatBot in channel so it listens to all users?

I would like to have my ChatBot in a private channel with my workmates. I don’t want to publish it on the market. For this to be actually useful, the chatbot needs to be able to listen to the messages from all users in the chat, but from what I’ve gathered from the documentation, it seems that the ChatBot only listens to the chats of private DMs and slash commands (both solely of the creator, since this is unpublished). I want to know how to make a bot for Zoom that can function in a similar way to a bot for Discord.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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Hey @maxm21,

No need to publish it on the Zoom App Marketplace if it is just internal to your team.

Correct, however you could use a User Level OAuth App (we don’t have this account wide yet) and the Chat Message Sent Webhook to listen to all messages sent by the user who authorizes the app.