Is it possible to send messages to Meeting Channels using the API?

I’d like to be able to “broadcast” a message to the meeting chat of a specific meeting while it’s in progress. It seems logical that, if I can send messages to a Zoom channel via incoming webhook or using the API that it might be possible to send a message to a Meeting Chat, if the channel id for the chat is something that can be determined.

Is there a way to get the id of a Meeting Chat channel? Perhaps it could be returned when a Meeting is created using the API?


I dont think currently this is possible. But this is a good feature request…

Theoretically this should be possible by calling this API (Zoom Team Chat API) for the user and getting a list of thier channels.

Once you have the channel ID you should be able to post there.

@ptrin following up on this…
We are currently working on a feature where the meeting APIs (not sure which one) will also return the channel ID for the meeting , so after this if you have the corresponding chat scopes, you should be able to post in the channel. This feature should be available by end of Q1 next year.

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That’s great news, and I appreciate the quick reply!

Any updates on when this feature will be available ?