Use API to send chat messages to zoom meeting

Looking at Send chat messages via API, this seems to indicate that
Is it possible to use the api to send a message to a zoom meeting? From what I could see it’s set up to use someone’s email or a group id. From what I see, even with sending to an id it still would end up outside a meeting. I want to set up a way to provide a meeting intro that I can change depending on the meeting. Send chat messages via API

@prodoer.matp9 The send chat message API is used to send chat messages in “Zoom Teams Chat”. We do not have apis to send messages in live meetings

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Is this something to be considered anytime soon?

@vmixframesets we may include these sometime in the feature. Please follow our changelog to stay updated with the latest releases

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Hi Ojus, so when will Zoom meeting chat API be supported? Any schedule for this?